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My Philosophy

‘That is the way to learn the most…when you are doing something with such enjoyment
that you don’t notice that the time passes.’


~ Albert Einstein ~

My motivation to become an educator stems from my passion for sharing knowledge with others, seeing their development and progress as well as from my desire for continuous learning, intellectual stimulation and an opportunity for the application of my talents. I believe by educating I can make a difference in people’s lives – inform, motivate, inspire, and positively influence the choices of young generations that will be one day taking care of our tiny planetary home.

My teaching interests lie in the arts and creativity, science and sustainability, health and wellbeing, winter sports and the outdoors. My primary educational goals are to encourage and foster creativity (essential to innovative and critical thinking inherent to science), inspire curiosity in the world around us, instil a passion for lifelong learning, and foster a sense of self-appreciation as well as environmental awareness and responsibility.

Communication is the essence of the human experience and hence building positive relationships should be at the forefront of every good educator’s mind; in order for lasting learning to occur we must engage all our senses in a rich explorative dialogue with what we are learning, and whom we are learning with, and apply our knowledge to a variety of enjoyable and memorable experiences. I wish to challenge my students in environments that foster a sense of belonging, open-mindedness, freedom of choice, independence, confidence, empowerment and global interconnectedness; in ways that integrate multiple approaches to learning that involve inquiry, collaboration and cooperation; that take into account policies, curriculum, advancement of technologies, but most importantly the individual learner – his or her background, skills, attitudes, thoughts and feelings.

I understand the importance of utilising teaching strategies that appropriately address individual differences of my students. In order to plan effective instruction that draws upon each student’s strengths, allowing them to reach their fullest potential, I will get to know my students and how they learn by continually monitoring their learning progress through a variety of assessments and feedback; collaborate with staff, communicate with parents and communities as well as engage in continued professional development.

Through my teaching, I hope to cultivate not only knowledge of academic merit but simultaneously engage, connect and nurture my students’ mind and soul – promote the development of interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence such as effective communication, active listening, questioning, good manners, critical thinking and problem solving, teamwork, leadership, self-management, responsibility and accountability, assertiveness as well as social and cultural awareness, empathy and compassion towards others. I believe these skills are fundamental to educating well-rounded individuals, ready to face the modern world, with prospects of a successful and prosperous, purposeful and fulfilling life – capable of making informed decisions and becoming respectful motivated and active participants of the human society-environment ecosystem.

I hope my students can regard me as a role model, one that truly cares for their wellbeing and provides them with tools and skills necessary for success; one that celebrates their individuality and gives them confidence that any dream can become a reality. Lastly, I pledge to myself to be open-minded, flexible and allow my teaching ideas and philosophies to evolve and develop as I grow, as a person, as a learner and as a teacher.