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•   Heide Sustainability Art Trail — online learning module, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne
•   Capstone research project — Learning in informal science settings: To what extent are higher-order thinking questions posed during the Mission to Mars Program?, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, in affiliation with the Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC)
•   Science Talent Search — committee member, science photography co-coordinator, official STS Exhibition photographer (STAV)


•   SWiRL Exhibition Fundraiser — planning, organisation, management, leadership
•   Science Talent Search — committee member, junior experimental research coordinator, models and inventions judge (STAV)
•   Arts Journey Project — Encaustic Musings
•   Development of unit of work — Chemistry: Elements, Compounds, Mixtures – Year 8
•   Development of unit of work — Integrated curriculum (Science, Health, OE, PE): Why are plants Important? Year 6/7
•   Development of unit of work — Integrated curriculum (Science, Humanities, Literacy, ICT & Arts domains, with focus on The Arts): Gold Rush – Year 6


•   Collaborative Research Project — Developing Global Citizenship (MLC)
   Science Talent Search — registration facilitator and judge (STAV)
•   Development of unit of work — VCE Studio Arts
   Integrating Science and Art: Curriculum resource — Cells Alive
•   Installation Art Project — The Harvest
•   Collaborative Installation Art Project — Thread Art


•   Development and delivery — Kids Yoga Program (Toorak PS)
•   Design Project — Prep D Yearbook (Toorak PS)
•   Fine Art Photography Project — Architexture
•   Herbarium Project — Flora of Victoria
•   Literacy Aid — volunteer (Toorak PS)