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Heide Sustainability Art Trail

About this module

This leaning module presents the story of Heide the Museum of Modern Art as a place through which you can examine your own position on the concept of sustainability. We encourage you make sense of the world and recognise your own connections to place through the stories told here. 

This module tells stories of science, economics, politics and community; of artists, sculptors and poets, who have in one way or another been involved with Heide; of indigenous and other subjugated knowledges; as well as the overarching story of John and Sunday Reed, whose vision, determination, and extraordinary devotion to one another, marked by love, loss, achievement, estrangement and heartache (Morgan & Harding, 2015) makes Heide one of the crown jewels of Melbourne.

This module encapsulates an extended online version of the Heide Sustainability Art Trail educational resource produced by the museum, which can be accessed here or through the Heide website. It is guided by my personal experiences of Heide and by my review of the Heide Sustainability Art Trail; it is supported by a broad range of literature, online sources, and my own analysis of the concept of sustainability and its application to educational practice.

This module offers additional information for each component of the original Heide Sustainability Art Trail* and is suitable for teachers as a professional development tool, for secondary students as well as for the general public interested in experiencing Heide’s sustainability perspectives. Each section of the module can be viewed independently and features a series of focus/thinking questions that are intended to elicit a critical response through a participative dialogue during your visit, or as a post visit reflection tool.

The Heide Sustainability Art Trail and its accompanied stories and worldviews need to be experienced in order to serve both as a mirror that reflexively can tell us much about our own values, priorities and commitments to sustainability and the environment, and as a window of possibility, by helping us develop our capacity to build a better and more equitable quality of life for everyone (Kagan, 2014; Somerville, Power, & de Carteret, 2011; Tilbury, Stevenson, Fien, & Schreuder, 2002). We invite you to examine the concept of sustainability from as many perspectives as you can find...

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with this module before you visit Heide, or better still, to engage in critical discussions and reflections, access its many components online, as you immerse yourself in your own embodied Heide Sustainability Art Trail experience.

*The author of would like to acknowledge that this module is intended for educational purposes only and any knowledge and information utilised during its construction remains the property of its rightful owner.



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