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Organic waste

Organic waste — composting is a simple and easy way to recycle organic household and garden waste and improve your garden’s soil at the same time. Compostable materials include anything from vegetable and fruit scraps to prunings, grass clippings, weeds, to paper and even hair and fur. Compost and soil are not dead, they are teeming with microorganisms that are good for the health of the garden (Clean up Australia, 2009).

There are many reasons why compost is good for the garden:

  • •   The rich nutrients in compost are released into the soil, as your plants need them
  • •   Compost improves drainage in clay soils and helps sandy soils retain water
  • •   Compost assists plant growth and disease resistance
  • •   Compost helps absorb and filter rainfall runoff, protecting streams from erosion and pollution
  • •   Composting reduces unwanted insects, limiting the need for commercial herbicides or pesticides,        
  •      therefore preventing runoff pollution.


  • Focus questions:
  • Why is recycling organic materials useful?
  • What are some ways to recycle organic materials?
  • How does Heide use recycled organic materials?
  • What kinds of organic materials could your recycle?
  • What can’t be recycled and why?




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