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Water is the most essential element to life on Earth — no living thing can survive without water (maybe except for tardigrades, who may be able to survive without it for decades). We need water to produce crops and in many industrial operations. The abundance or lack of water often determines where we live and how well off we are. Despite the importance to humans, other organisms and the natural processes of the earth, water is squandered and polluted by industry, agriculture, and many other systems. To live sustainably, we must value water and do a much better job of protecting and managing our water resources.


In what is believed to be the first in the sector, Heide has developed a system for capturing condensation from the cooling and humidifying units of the museum’s climate control system. Maintaining museum conditions requires balanced humidification— the end product is a significant amount of condensation. An intricate system of piping has been installed to capture this water and transfer it to 31,700 litre tanks, located at the rear of the Heide III museum site. The system has the capacity to produce approximately 50,000 litres in a season (Heide Museum of Modern Art, n.d.).

This reclaimed water, along with collected storm water, can be used for irrigation across the property in places of need. Not only does this reduce Heide’s usage of water but also traps moisture that would otherwise be wasted during the cycle of maintaining Heide’s gallery spaces (Heide Museum of Modern Art, n.d.).

  • Focus questions:
  • Why is water significant to the survival of life on our planet?
  • In what ways do people misuse water? Give examples. What are the consequences?
  • How does Heide’s use of water contribute to its sustainable operations?
  • What do you do in your home, school or community to conserve water?
  • How could your current practices be improves?



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