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The Harvest

High on glue, hungry and tired…5 days of ‘gumnutting’ culminate in a unique and original installation made of 100% nature (minus the glue). Proudly presenting ‘The Harvest’

My wanderings through the leafy Victoria University campus in Werribee ignited an idea and became an inspiration for my installation which I  titled ‘The Harvest’ – carpeting large areas in all shades of green and brown, thousands of little gumnut pods, carrying millions of seeds, storing the potential for life within their tiny shells, creating kind of a grand pattern. Although hard to discern, nonetheless a pattern of sort – lines, shapes and patches of dark and light. I decided to harvest these. I would walk around and collect all the fallen branches, then pick off all the gumnuts and separate these based on colour, size and shape.

I created a landscape and invite you to reconnect with nature; appreciate the cycle of life, represented by water – as the snow on the mountaintops melts, it flows into the rivers that feed the waves in the ocean. Then returns to land as thirst-quenching rain. And so the cycle continues. With the use of gumnuts I wish to reestablish a connection to nature that often gets lost in this contemporary, modern society.

Observe up close, pause and ponder, reflect and absorb the smallest detail of each and every gumnut that carries the growth potential for a large Eucalyptus tree. Stand back, begin to perceive the bigger picture and appreciate that collectively these little life-bearing treasures are so fundamental to the entire Australian landscape.