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Professional Engagement – Developing Global Citizenship

Applied Curriculum Project – Developing Global Citizenship, Methodist Ladies' College, 2014140px-Mlclogo_green_small

During 2014, I worked collaboratively with my university colleague Olivia Sonn and broader communities – Methodist Ladies' College (MLC) and Victoria University (VU) (VIT Standard 6 & 7 – professional learning and engagement), to investigate teachers’ and students’ involvement in the cultivation of global citizenship qualities, more specifically in the development of awareness, appreciation, understanding and responsibility.

This research involved interviewing teachers and students, ranging from year seven to year 12, across MLC, who were required to respond to a series of questions developed purposely by us, to inquire into the understanding of global citizenship concepts and the four qualities advocated, implementation of strategies that develop these qualities in students, means for evaluation and assessment, and ideas for future change and improvement. We conducted numerous interviews, which we transcribed and documented. Data gained through this research we complied, analysed and evaluated in a report as agreed upon by all parties involved (MLC, Asia Education Foundation, VU and us – pre-service teachers).


We successfully collaborated on this project with several parties, during a series of meetings both with MLC  and VU representatives. The result was a comprehensive report, structured under the headings that formed the basis of the investigation process and questioning. This report encompasses the summary of our research – the perspectives and opinions of teachers, students at MLC, and our interpretation of these. The research and report was focused on finding out how to strengthen educator and student global competencies. The full report can be accessed here:  Developing Global Citizenship

This project has given us an authentic opportunity to engage in meaningful research, investigating a relevant issue at the forefront of cross-curricular priorities at MLC, contributing to a larger common cause. It has allowed teachers and students at MLC, us (pre-service teachers), and academics to collaborate as professional learning communities (VIT Standard 7).

We were genuinely pleased with the outcomes of our efforts; these were well received by all parties involved. We have not only gained an understanding of how to conduct a successful research project, how to make sense of data and write a report, but more importantly gained valuable insights into what it means to be a global citizen, what schools and educational institutions do in order to cultivate global citizenship in young learners and what strategies we can take away and employ in our future teaching practice to foster these qualities in our own classrooms. We are thrilled that we were able to experience a progressive learning environment such as that of MLC.


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