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Promoting self-confidence and pride, encouraging and sharing success 

Visual Art: Portraiture

Whilst teaching at the Bulman School I designed and delivered a structured two-session lesson on portraiture. The content incorporated history of portraiture and understanding artist's intentions, dimensions of the face, capturing person's character and personality. Students worked collaboratively - they had to draw a friend; followed step by step instructions as I explained these and drew them on the white board. Students worked individually yet collectively – working to contribute artworks to a classroom art gallery.

Once complete, I made a classroom ‘art gallery’ wall, to promote self-confidence and pride in student achievements, encourage sharing success with others and make the classroom a positive and bright leaning environment. The following day all students and myself gathered around the art gallery and talked about the portraits, what we liked and what could be improved next time – the students were asked to choose a favourite portrait and give positive feedback to the artist. I would model the feedback giving several examples e.g 'I really love the way student X used colour to add to the portrait's character and personality', 'I think the rosy cheeks make student X look happy and healthy', then all students took their turns. This promoted classroom discussions, building rapport and relationships, allowed students to look for positives in others' work, and feel pride about their achievements. The lesson received positive feedback from both the students and school's principal.


Promoting confidence and pride, encouraging and sharing success.

Through my practice I have demonstrated links to PoLTs:

PoLT 1. The learning environment is supportive and productive, by: building positive relationships between students and student-teacher relationships; promoting a culture of respect through collaborative and cooperative work in a student centred learning environment; utilising strategies that promote students' self confidence and willingness to take risks without the prospects of failure; promoting values of respect; providing structured support, valuing effort and providing opportunities for recognition of student work.

PoLT 2. The learning environment promotes independence, interdependence and self motivation, by: using strategies that build skills of productive collaboration; encouraging students to take responsibility for their learning.

PoLT 3. Students needs, backgrounds, perspectives and interests are reflected in the learning program, by: using teaching strategies responsive to students needs, values and interests; utilising creative thinking and learning.

PoLT 4. Students are challenged and supported to develop deep levels of thinking and application, by: promoting substantive classroom discussions; allowing students to work collaboratively; sharing ideas and opinions, providing feedback; using strategies to foster imagination and creativity.

PoLT 5. Assessment practiced are an integral part of teaching and learning, by: providing frequent constructive feedback to support further learning; encouraging reflection and self assessment.

VIT Portraiture lesson

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