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SWiRL 2015 — Exhibition Fundraiser

‘I acknowledge the traditional and original owners of this continent and pay respect to today’s Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait communities who are its custodians – including in particular their past, present and future Elders.'

I first heard about the SWiRL Program four years ago when I was writing my application for the Bachelor of Education degree at Victoria University. At that time, my friend Justine de Bruyn was writing her application for SWiRL and spoke to me about going to an Indigenous community in the Northern Territory for her final six-week teaching placement. It was back then that I decided that I too needed to go.

Two years later, I further spoke about SWiRL with my friend Elyse Scicluna, who described her experience as life changing. She has since relocated her life and is now teaching in the Northern Territory full time. At that stage I didn't need any more persuading – I decided that I was definitely going.

In December 2014, When I received a letter of acceptance from Lawry Mahon, the SWiLR coordinator, I was over the moon. The letter stated that each participant had to financially contribute towards their journey and also to think of some fundraising ideas. So I did.

At first I thought I would make a few artworks and try to sell these to friends, but then the idea grew and grew and didn't stop growing. And here we are today...

Tonight's Exhibition is a showcase of the collaborative efforts of 20 students – thank you for all your hard work and effort in sourcing or personally making donations – this event would not be happening without you. It is a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the continued success of the SWiRL Program. Well done Lawry for carrying it this far - it is soon our turn to find out how life changing the effects are.

Lastly, I should not forget to mention that tonight is also a celebration of four years of hard work that is about to come to an end. And what a way to end it... I would like to thank all sponsors an donors, and thank you all for coming and for your continued support in making this journey a success!







A picture is worth a thousand words - SWiRL Fundraiser Exhibition. Thank you David Harris Photography for donating your time and snapping these specials memories to remind us... And thanks everyone involved!

In 2015, I took the initiative to organise an Exhibition Fundraiser to support a group of 20 Victoria University students on their final six-week placement and contribute to the successful delivery of the SWiRL Program. I collaboratively planned, designed, organised, managed and curated all aspect of the 120-guest event. Over the course of six months I successfully communicated and collaborated with 20 students involved in the program, university academics and staff, external sponsors, donors and contributors, suppliers, event guests, as well as took care of marketing and advertising on social media (I designed both electronic and physical promotional materials for the event). I made 10 artworks, specifically for the exhibition, and donated these to the silent auction. You can access the FB event page here: SWiRL Exhibition

I believe though my involvement in the SWiRL Fundraiser I have demonstrated outstanding organisational and leadership skills as well as commitment to continued professional engagement (VIT Standard 6 & 7). I feel that the skills and knowledge I have gained through my experiences with this event have been invaluable and contributed greatly to my professional learning in areas of event/project management, leadership and communication and will stand me in good steed when I am engaging professionally with colleagues, parents and the community in my future teaching practice; and in taking on organisational and leadership roles with day-to-day requirements of students and colleagues, and extracurricular involvements.

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