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...a few words that others have said about me. I greatly appreciate your feedback!

Genes and Chromosomes Worksheet

Wow thank you! This is fantastic.

Olivia Bruce Teacher March 8, 2018

Genetics – powerpoint

I came across the fantastic worksheet that you have put together for Chromosomes. I wondered if you might be prepared to share the powerpoint that goes with it. Ps: I wanted to say that I applaud the fact that you are treading your own path, good luck to you. I think the quality of your work is fabulous.

Penny Lehman Teacher @ NEGS, Armidale, NSW February 9, 2018

Happy student

Thank you Ms. Hankova for really going out of your way to prepare us for this essay, you are the most dedicated teacher we have ever had teaching us! You have really helped us all get the best marks we can with the cell models you made, writing everything up on the wiki, giving us plenty of time to work on everything and giving us lessons dedicated to how we should be writing up this report. Thanks!

Kaelan, Year 8 Princes Hill Secondary College October 11, 2017

Heide Sustainability Art Trail

Sonia, this is a stunning piece of work! Calling it a ‘module’ understates its beauty and strength. You have produced a homage to Heide as a historical, living and generative place – both materially and metaphysically. The stories you capture through an engagement with critical-creative themes and a critical reading of relevant and scholarly literature, render this work incredibly fertile. You have contextualised your understandings in the specifics of the people and this place in time and across time and you structure it in a way that grabs the reader/participant and sustains interests, and takes us deeper than we might otherwise, by capturing the interface/infolding of art-place-ecology. Well done on outstanding work!

Alicia Flynn Ecological Education, Melbourne Graduate School of Education December 6, 2016

A model student

Sonia, I consider it an absolute pleasure and privilege to work and learn with you. Everything you touch 'turns to gold' with your dedication and talent. Thankyou for sharing your work and inspiring the next generation of students. The world is your stage my dear and I look forward to watching you shine!

Sandra McKechnie Lecturer, Victoria University October 30, 2015

Inspiring creativity

Recently, I was privileged to attend a exhibition organised by Sonia and several other Victoria University students, that hoped to raise funds in aid of the Story Writing in Remote Locations (SWIRL) program - https://www.vu.edu.au/success-stories/learning-outside-classrooms. The event was a resounding success and far exceeded expectations in terms of the funds raised. This was largely due Sonia´s efforts in organising and promoting the exhibition, and her ability to inspire people to contribute their creative outputs towards a noble cause. Congratulations Sonia!

Jed Macdonald PhD student, University of Iceland October 29, 2015

Character Reference

I have known Sonia for many years, worked with her at Mt. Buller and shared many adventures with her. I have never seen her do anything half-hearted. Regardless of work or play, she is always prepared, committed and executes things in a fun and creative way.

Gregor Lo Presti Snowboard Instructor October 24, 2015

Knowing Son

I have been living with Son for the past two years,  I've watched her work through the final years of her degree. Through tears, dedication, fun, adventures and laughter, my favourite The Harvest aka gumnuts, I have seen her bring about some impossible projects to fruition. Son is so many things to so many different people. To me she is a teacher, a learner, an artist, a friend and a sister. In the time I've shared with Son I have learnt so many new things, and have a great appreciation for the knowledge that we've shared. I wish Son all the best in her future career - she will make a magnificent teacher.

Liam Depina Friend & Flatmate October 23, 2015

Peer Reference

Caring, patient, academic, positive, hard working, organised, reflective and inspiring is what comes to mind when I think of Son. I have had the pleasure of knowing her for two years and she always amazes me with everything she does. Son organised an extravagant fundraiser to raise money for SWiRL, she was a true leader when organising tasks, donations and sponsors that lead to a smooth and successful evening. Son always puts in 110% into everything she does and I have been lucky enough to see this in action. Son would be of great value to any school, she has high expectations of herself and her students and will always go the extra mile to help someone. Good luck in your future career Son! Your students will be extremely fortunate to have you as a teacher!

Brittney Downer Friend & Colleague, Victoria University October 21, 2015

Character Reference

I met Son four years ago in our very first Painting and Drawing class at Victoria University. We formed an immediate friendship and have remained close friends ever since. Son is truly an exceptional person, she has many admirable attributes and qualities. She is a talented artist, with caring nature, down to earth and positive personality, and with an evident passion for the environment, plants and animals. I had the pleasure of attending the SWiRL Exhibition Fundraiser, of which Son was the main organiser – I watched her work tirelessly, on making the event a huge success. I believe Son has so much to offer as a teacher – she will be a great role model and an inspiration to many of her future students.

Jessie Geraghty Friend & Colleague, Victoria Univeristy October 19, 2015

Working with Sonia

Sonia is dedicated to teaching and learning in a way that encourages those around her to push themselves and their work to greater standards. She is a thoughtful, creative and thorough teacher that reflects on her practice deeply and commits wholeheartedly to making positive change within whichever community she happens to be within.

Ben Snaith Peer, Victoria Univeristy October 19, 2015

SWiRL 2015

Sonia participated in the SWIRL program this year, and immediately made an impact. She led the group in organising the SWIRL Exhibition Fundraiser, and due to her exacting organisational skills and knowledge, ensured the function was not only economically successful, but was also a night those who attended thoroughly enjoyed. While Sonia was a little hesitant initially about heading to her very remote location, Bulman, approximately 400kms East of Katherine in the Northern Territory, she totally embraced every opportunity that the location thrust her way. Her relationships with children and staff at the school were impeccable, her planning precise and appropriate, and her work with children creating books about their own lives inspiring. Thanks, Son- I look forward to a continuing friendship, as you embrace your new career opportunities.

Lawry Mahon SWiRL Program Coordinator, College of Education, Victoria University October 19, 2015

Bulman School Placement Report

It has been an absolute pleasure having Sonia at Bulman School. She demonstrated a level of initiative and proactivity that was well above expectation for a pre-service teacher. Sonia exhibited a very thorough knowledge of the teaching content, and various ways in which to most effectively deliver it. She demonstrated a very thorough knowledge of the importance of planning sequential and relevant lessons and units that were based on a sound understanding of her students and their abilities, and to create and deliver these lessons effectively. Sonia held high expectations in the classroom for behaviour, engagement and learning, and was confident in applying her expectations. She worked with her Middle Years class to create appropriate goals for reading that set high, yet attainable targets. Sonia demonstrated excellent organisational skills, both in her planning and delivery of lessons, and also in the classroom. She exhibited a high standard for the organisation and tidiness of her classroom and the way in which she desired it to be maintained by the students. Sonia demonstrated great flexibility and adaptability, and an ability to remain calm under pressure. She worked across both our Middle Years and Early Years classes - the Early Years not being her preferred age group. But she demonstrated a sound ability to adapt and differentiate the content for the various age groups she worked with. She competently ran the Middle Years class for two weeks while the teacher was away for a PD, and also effectively managed some challenging behaviour during this time which was related to general community unrest. Sonia, together with her SWiRL partner, worked effectively and collaboratively to create books with each students of a high standard, that were engaging and relevant, and culturally responsive. They also embraced other forms of story telling and technology and worked with some of high school students to create a film for their collaboratively constructed story. They created a Bulman Stories website to which all the books were uploaded, and which was presented to parents on the end of term open day. This website is a great resource for Bulman School, for revisiting the students' work and for families to access from home. They certainly set the bar high for SWiRL in the future. Overall, Sonia has performed above expectation for a pre-service teacher, and she demonstrates initiative, diligence and leadership that I have no doubt will see her on a very successful teaching career. I have every confidence that Sonia will be an outstanding teacher and that she will be a wonderful addition to any school.

Irene Singleton Teaching Principal, Bulman School, NT September 24, 2015

Arts Journey Project

Bravo Sonia on an amazing Arts Journey Project. Your backgrounds in science and art merged as you worked with the medium of bees wax and made connections with memories of childhood. The creative process was profound as you came into relationship with the genre of encaustic painting and came to know it through extensive experimentation and trialling. Links to professional art making practices are thorough. The artworks you created are truly inspirational. Your reflections about the journey are deeply insightful. I was drawn to your comment about the journey of making art is as much for the artworks as it is for the artist. A wonderful journey!!!

Denise Howes Tutor, Imagination, Creativity & Design, Victoria Univeristy June 7, 2015

VIT Review of Readiness

RE: VIT review of readiness to teach – Sonia, the sheer magnitude and comprehensiveness of your assessment submission is outstanding as is its variety, detail. personal reflection & linking to the vast range of experiences and activities you have been involved in - I don't believe I can do it the justice it deserves in the time allowed as it should be thoroughly read, analysed and reflected on. A masterly submission. RE: Statement of educational theories - Sonia, this is an extraordinarily and highly comprehensive response which links your chosen educational theorists to the strategies, when employed in the classroom will greatly enhance the learning of your students. Clearly they resonate with your emerging philosophy of education as well as your passion for the effectiveness of education in addressing the problems confronting the world. Any school that has you on its staff will indeed be fortunate.

Victoria Baxter Sessional Lecturer, Victoria Univeristy March 22, 2015

Australian Plants

Sonia, What can I say! Absolutely beautifully done reports and Herbarium. Probably the best Herbarium and reports that have ever been presented in this class. Superb effort!!! If you ever decide to switch to science, full time, you would no doubt succeed! Fantastic. So many superlatives! They are deserved. Randall

Randall Robinson College of Science and Engineering, Victoria Univeristy October 30, 2014

Placement Report – Methodist Ladies College

Sonia has shown great initiative in creating engaging classroom materials. She has worked closely with us to ensure that the content has been accurate and the learning strategies appropriate. As a result her classes have been well received by students. When asked to teach unfamiliar concepts Sonia has been exemplary in undertaking research to increase her knowledge and, as a result, has developed skills and expertise in new areas. Sonia's relationships with the students have been excellent. She has really addressed individual needs through her planning. She also listens to feedback and reflects on her own practice. She then is able to bring these insights to subsequent lessons. Sonia is also beginning to be able to modify her plan, during the lesson, in response to direct and indirect feedback from students. This is really pleasing as it is a skill rarely attained by beginning teachers. Sonia shows great promise as a classroom teacher and her commitment to her students and her learning are qualities that will stand her in good steed.

Anne-Marie Williams & Colleen Clift Head of Science & Leading Science Teacher, Methodist Ladies' College, Kew October 14, 2014

ACP Report – Developing Global Citizenship

Sonia Hankova and Olivia Sonn undertook their Applied Curriculum Project (ACP) whilst on pre-service teacher placement at Methodist Ladies College (MLC). The title of their project being: Globally connected, infinitely local – Developing Global Citizenship. This project was aligned with the international certification process that MLC is currently undertaking with the Council of International Schools (CIS). This project is also linked with the New Global Project between MLC, Victoria University and Asia Education Foundation. Sonia and Olivia embraced their ACP and in doing so joined the MLC CIS International Certification Group (ICG). The ICG is the MLC community group which is currently driving the CIS certification Process. This group consists of staff, students, members of College Management team. It was intended that Sonia and Olivia's ACP was a purposeful and authentic learning case study which investigated MLC's commitment to developing and promoting global citizenship in its K to 12 school setting. Research was conducted across both staff and students and findings will be used as a component of MLC's submission to the CIS in November, 2014. Both Sonia and Olivia embraced the ACP with enthusiasms and commitment. They planned and negotiated their ACP in consultation with myself, Melissa Etherton, Director of Professional Services and Anette Rome, Director of Staff Learning. This consultation was timely, they were well-prepared and feedback provided evaluated accordingly. Sonia and Olivia worked collaboratively during the project and, to my knowledge, the research, its evaluation and finalising of the ACP report were distributed equitably across the two pre-service teachers. The ACP research interviews held with staff and students were scheduled around their other pre-service teacher commitments and the findings were significant to the recommendations of their ACP. To my knowledge these interviews were professionally conducted and contributions made were well received. Olivia and Sonia made valuable connections with a cross section of staff during their ACP. MLC was impressed by Sonia and Olivia's commitment to the ACP and the contributions made to ICG. Whilst only a small component of their pre-service teacher placement, the ACP encapsulated MLC's vision towards global citizenship; globally connected, infinitely local. I congratulate Sonia and Olivia on the report produced for their ACP. The report is a concise summary of their research and provides MLC with a lot of 'food for thought' in relation to the CIS certification process and our understanding of global citizenship. The expected outcomes of the ACP undertaken by Sonia Hankova and Olivia Sonn have been met. MLC will use this ACP report as a component of evidence supplied for certification assessment by the CIS In November, 2014. There are many suggested initiatives and changes to MLC's focus which have been highlighted by Sonia and Olivia. These changes will also be considered by the ICG, Heads of School and College Management Team.

Melissa Etherton Director of Professional Services, Methodist Ladies College, Kew October 13, 2014

Rethinking Australian Studies

Thank you Sonia in giving me hope that non-Indigenous teachers like yourself can ‘rethink’ the place for Koori knowledge and history in schools.

Matt Jakobi Lecturer, Rethinking Australian Studies Coordinator, Victoria University March 23, 2014

Kids Yoga Program – Toorak PS

Sonia's yoga lessons complemented Toorak PS Wellbeing and Engagement policy that incorporates 'Mental Stillness'.

Livia Motti Project Partnerships Coordinator, Toorak PS August 23, 2013

Placement Report – Toorak PS

Sonia has been a great asset to Prep D. She has an excellent rapport with staff and students and is a competent teacher. Throughout the year, she has planned and taught a sequence of weekly maths lessons, music, reading and writing. Sonia is developing her confidence in classroom management and using her voice to engage student attention. Sonia is highly organised and is keen to learn and develop new teaching skills. She has taken on other responsibilities such as producing a class page for the school year book. The students have enjoyed having her as part of the class and learning from her. Sonia developed a kids yoga program which she led with two prep grades once a week for the duration of six weeks. It was a fantastic child friendly program – the activities were age appropriate and the children related well to the numerous poses. They really enjoyed learning yoga and relaxation. Sonia is working above the expected standard for a second year teacher. Well done.

Siona Beck Classroom Teacher, Toorak PS August 16, 2013